A series on tackling counterfeits, intellectual property and industry insights, SnapDragon Soundbites takes a look at the tricks and tools brands should consider to protect consumers - and themselves - against online infringers.

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Thursday Mar 30, 2023

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In our inaugural episode, our Head of Beauty Wilma McDaniel is joined by special guest Stirling Murray, discussing his beauty insights as the founder of The Red Tree, the importance of IP and how to protect your beauty brand from online infringement.
(00:00) Welcome to the first SoundBites from SnapDragon
Welcome to the first episode of SoundBites from SnapDragon. Wilma McDaniel is the host and she's joined by Stirling Murray, founder and MD of The Red Tree, the UK's leading international beauty brand consultancy.
(01:03) Stirling Murray, founder and MD of The Red Tree
Stirling provides some information on his background and experience in the beauty industry.
(02:56) What is Brand Protection?
Wilma explains what brand protection is for the beauty industry and how the internet during the pandemic posed a considerable threat to an intellectual property online.
(03:28) What's Stirling's Experience With Brand Protection?
Stirling explains the importance of brand protection and how it affects every single industry.
(06:02) How Can Brands Protect Themselves and What IP do They Need?
Stirling outlines how important it is for brands to have robust protection for their IP at the earliest stage.
(08:58) What's Available to Protect Against IP Attacks on Brands?
Stirling explains how beauty brands should be utilising the services provided by an IP lawyer.
(10:47) What Are the Practical Implications of Ignoring Brand Protection?
Wilma encourages beauty brand owners to take brand protection seriously.
(11:14) How Can Beauty Brands Get Practical Support to Maintain Their IP?
Stirling offers some pragmatic and realistic insights into the efforts a brand needs to go through to protect its IP in a global marketplace.
(12:48) The Benefits of Partnering WIth SnapDragon
Wilma explains how the team at SnapDragon is working with brands who are working hard and investing in making sure their IP is protected.
(14:12) Wrap-Up Message from Stirling
Thanks to Stirling for his fantastic insights and thanks to you for listening.

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